Friday, March 19, 2010

What do you wash your dishes with?

We have had a dishwasher now for just over half a year and I think I have tried more bad dishwasher liquid or powders then good ones - this is why that our soap of choice deserves a mention here.

First lets start with the worst of the soaps we tried - hands down it is Nature Clean Automatic Dishwasher Gel. It left the inside of our dishwasher with a nasty film of grime and well the dishes also.

Now the winner is EcoEthic Automatic Dishwashing Powder. It come in a plastic container that is recyclable; I prefer the plastic over the cardboard box because I don't need to worry about getting the packaging wet. Geoff saves the empties and uses them to package up oil (from motorcycle oil changes) to drop off at the hazardous wast transfer station. It has a bit of citrus smell that does not bother me. But most important of all it gets the job done; dishes come up clean.

In case you are wondering we purchase it from Green Cricket.

Seedlings - Soy Beans

Play Ground

The afternoon finished with a trip to the play ground; were we lucked out and bumped into some friends Marnie, A Monster and J Monster.

Looking Forward To

The eating home made bread my husband is working on.

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