Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sewing day

I spent the 2 hours C Monster was napping today sewing....

Baby Goes To The Doctors

What seems like a very long time ago we bought C Monster a doll; he never really liked it until just recently.  However the beautiful Waldorf doll we bought does not stand up to C Monster abuse (He really does not abuse it that much).  I have to say I am disappointed in this toy; when I undressed it today to give it a wash (C Monster dropped juice on it) I found not one but 4 spots were the seams were coming undone.

When I looked up my post regarding finding the Perfect Doll I realized this doll is not even a year old... Sorry Peppa but for craftmenship you get 2 thumbs down from us.

Luckily I can sew so C Monster Baby when to the doctors today for some stitches and is now all better.

Bag For My Clothespins

One of the many things that was on my to-do list was get a clotheslines - yes I did not have one.  Since I am finally getting around to this I decide to make a bag for clothespins using one of C Monsters old shirts that has a small whole in it and a child's coat hanger ( also from C monster's closet).  Here is the result - it was really quite easy to make. 

All you need to do it cut down the sleeves (if it's a long sleeve shirt); sew the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt shut; then hang it on a coat hanger.  The only thing is that you want to make sure you select a shirt that has a wide enough neck that you will be able to get your hand in to get the clothespins out.

A Dress For Baby

With various remnants, included the discarded sleeves from the project above - I made baby a dress.  I wish I would have had the camera handy to capture C monster smile when I showed it to him.

Now my son can chose to dress his doll as a boy, a girl or a boy in a dress...

Looking Forward To

Being done reading the Breastfeeding Answer Book

C opens a baby gate

I Can do it

C Monster learned how to open one of the baby gates yesterday - in our defense we installed one part in the wrong spot now that it is fixed I think he can't open it anymore; but I will have to keep a close eye in him.  It's the gate at the top of the basement stairs.

C Monster has also fully mastered opening the screen doors - they must be kept locked at all times now.  I try to make sure he does not see me use the little lock leaver.


Yesterday C Monster painted in the afternoon.  Now that the hot weather is here it's time to switch our days out in the morning and in in the afternoons.  The paint used was home made I really like this recepie.  We made it on May 8th and store it in the fridge - so far it's still good. 

2 1/2 cups water
1 cup white flour
1/4 cup white sugar
1 1/2 tbsp salt
food colouring

Combine first 4 ingredients in a sauce pan - stir very  very well
cook on medium heat for approximately 7 mins - constantly stirring
pour in little jars and add food coloring to tint
store in refrigerator

Oh so Hot

Summer is here so it seems - I finally caved in today and turned on the AC. Yesterday the cats were cooping in various ways some enjoying the hot sun and others trying to find the coolest spot - the sink.

Looking Forward To

Friday - and friends coming to the house

Monday, May 24, 2010

Holiday Monday Morning

My Garden  

My garden is growing so well this year; I was out there this morning pulling some weeds and could not bealive my eyes when I saw little itty bitty cauliflowers.

First Harvest

Home Made Wood Blocks

We had about 3 feet of 1" quarter round left over after some repair that we had to do to our back walk out.  Basically one of the structural beams gave out - thanks to my dad we now have 2 new structural beams.

I did not want to throw out bran new wood that is perfectly fine - but it was really to short for anyone to use.  I decided to cut them down in various lengths and sand the ends - voila blocks.

And that was my morning; making blocks, gardening - now I am listening to Digital Gunfire while getting lunch ready and blogging.  C Monster is outside enjoying the fresh air with Papa.

Looking Forward To

Seeing my friend Kim and her little ones at the park this afternoon.

Bread Machine Question

I was recently asked by a reader: "I just got a bread machine and would love to know what your favorite recipes are"

I only have a few recipes that made it to my recipe box for bread.  I had previously shared one on the blog for Cranberry Raisin Loaf.  Another one that I am particularly fond of is my Harvest Bread; it's a simple whole wheat bread that also taste very yummy.

Harvest Bread

1 1/3 cups milk
2 large eggs 
3 tbsp butter
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/3 cup whole wheat flour
2/3 cup wheat germ
1/4 cup brown sugar, or sucanat or panella 
1 tsp kosher salt
1 1/4 tsp bread machine yeast

select 2 pound loaf size
whole wheat cycle
place all ingredients in order listed in bread machine

Another favorite bread machine recipe is my Everyday Pizza Dough.

Everyday Pizza Dough
  1 1/3 cups Water
  1 tsp Honey
  2 tsp Kosher Salt
  2 tbsp olive oil
  2 cups whole wheat flour
  2 cups all-purpose flour
  1 tbsp flax seeds
  1 tbsp hemp seeds,  
  1 tsp teff seeds
  1 tsp amaranth seeds
  1 tbsp wheat germ
  2 1/4 tsp bread machine yeast

Place all ingredients in order listed in bread pan fitted with kneading paddle. Select your machines dough setting and press start. When cycle is finish divide dough in 2 and make your favorite pizza.

We had a few cookbooks over the years and the only one we kept is "Best Bread Machine Recipes" by Better Homes and Gardens.  
When it comes to making bread these are some rules I found that almost always work when trying to muck arround with a recipe.
  • you can always switch out one sugar for another; as long as you keep the same quantity.  For exempple if a recipe calls for a TBSP of sugar you can use a TBSP of honey or sucanate or panella or anything other sugar.
  • you can almost always subsitite up to half of the white flour for whole wheat, spelt, kamut or rye flour. Before doing this make sure their is not alread some of these flours in the bread if so you should never have more then 1/2 of the total flour being other then white - unless you add gluten flour.
  • you can add up to 1 cup of nuts and seeds (that do not absorbe liquide) to a 2 pound loaf 
  • you can add up to 1/4 cup off seeds that absorbe liquide to a 2 pound loaf
Now the rules above will not always work sometimes you will screw up.  I recommend if you are going to change a recipe after the machine has been going for a bit check on your bread you should be able to tell if it's too dry or wet.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

stinky and not so stinky


We have been in our home now for 8 years I think and have done reno work on all the rooms... now all we have left is to tie up loose ends - one being the cold air return that is in our front hall.  See it's a large 12" x 36" ugly vent that has old scratched up paint that matches noting in that area - solution paint it.  The only real way to effectively paint a vent is spray paint.  I hate spray paint, it's toxic, it stinks, it's bad for the environment. But when you think about it which one is worst dumping the old vent or painting it?

We decided dumping it would be worst - so we got a can of spray paint.  Today I cleaned the vent and sprayed it ( it was so stinky I had to wear a mask - I though I was going to toss my cookies from the stink) I still don't know if we made the best environmental choice - I guess we could have left it the way it was but I really did not want that.

Not so stinky...

Last week I picked up a Abeego Food Wrap.  I had been looking for a reusable sandwich wrapper for a while now and was so happy when I saw these at Grassroots. So far we have only used it for plain bread and nut butter sandwiches - so far so good.  It does the trick seems to keep your bread fresh and soft.  C Monster loves opening and closing it himself - a plus. Best of all it smells so good - they are coated with beeswax to make them waterproof - it smells divine.

I might even need to get a few of their Abeego Flats.

Looking Forward To

My cold air return vent to be dry and back in the house.

Lets talk nursing bras...

Nursing bra fashion has come a long way...  especially for us larger chested woman.  When you walk in specialty stores such as Evymama the shelves are lined with gorgeous nursing bras for women that wear a DD or smaller - but for the rest of us for a long time we were doomed to wearing very simple nursing bras with no frills. This time is over I tried 20 different bras at Evymama - some fun others plain. However if I was less endowed I probably would have had twice as many bras to chose from.

My first set of nursing bras I bought about 2 years ago were all the exact same one just in a variety of colors - lets be honest the variety of colors was black, white and ivory.  First I had a little one with me, did not feel, sexy and well was way to tired to keep on looking for something fun.  This time around I wanted bras that made me feel beautiful, flirty and fun - not a mom bra.

Here is what I found after just going to 2 stores.  First I went to Secrets From Your Sister. (PS if you are chesty and need - nursing bra, regular bra or any bra you can imagine - this is the place to go first they are amazing but be ready to spend 100$ a bra.)

I picked up 3 bras from Freya:
Then I went off to Evymama and picked up 2 bras from Royce:

If you are going to go to either of these store give yourself time as you will be there for about an hour.  Both stores have toys to entertain you toddler :-)

Looking Forward To

Having a back walk out that is painted.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Doll House

One of the many things that were on my list to get for C Monster one day was a doll house. I think all children need a doll house it's a great way to help them act out feelings and emotions and tell stories with the little dolls.

I was so happy and appreciative when one our friends text-ed and said she wanted to give us one of her daughter's doll houses. I knew C Monster was going to like from the get go as he has played with it at her house before.


I set up the doll house that night while C Monster was sleeping and well as soon as he saw it he had to play with it. He quickly realized that his dolls did not have a bed. I tried flipping one of the tables upside down to make a bed but that was not sufficient. So what do I do? - I made him a bed. I used an old jewelery box for the base and made a mattress and pillows out of a small piece of white felt and used a small square of fabric to make a blanket. I only made 2 pillows for the bed I should have known better and made 3 as he always puts 3 dolls in bed together - mama, papa and him.

I guess this is his ideal sleeping arrangement - in bed with his parents.

Looking Forward To

Landscaping my front yard.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sorry for being absent...

I always tell myself that I am going to make sure I blog at least twice a week if not more frequently and well life happens....

I don't know how blogger moms that update their site everyday do it - cause I can't - well anymore.

I am going to give you a condensed version of what I have been up to for the last week and a bit - and hopefully I will have time to elaborate on some of them a bit latter.

  • Memere and Pepere are visiting
  • Garden is mostly planted - frost attacks - we win
  • C Monster get a doll house
  • I make a bed for C Monster dolls - as per his request
  • C Monster get new shoes - he must sleep, eat - basically live in them
  • I make broccoli waffles - not my best creation but edible
  • C Monster vocabulary expands at mad speeds
  • "I am working girl again" - my boss is horrible (he he he I love you Geoff)
  • C Monster learns to unlock doors
  • E Monster gives me flowers 
  • Mothers Day comes and goes
I am sure many other things happened but these are the ones that stick in my head at this time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

AGO Response to cost for Off The Wall

A little while back I blogged about Off The Wall at the AGO.  Despite the fact that everytime we have been there no one has ever asked us for tickets or proof that we paid admission this is AGO official reasponse on the cost of admission for Off The Wall.

"Hi Pierrette,

Thank you for your email.

Access to the Off the Wall centre is included with the purchase of admission.  It isn’t free, you have to buy an admission ticket to show the staff at the centre.  If you have any more questions, please let us know.

Information Desk
Art Gallery of Ontario"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A week in Images and Words


We started the week last weekend with a trip on the TTC.  C Monster loves the TTC.  What is not to love about trains, buses and street cars.  We tend to walk everywhere so going on the transit is a treat for him.  He also loves being a big boy and holding on the bars and so on.

The subway is a "chocho"; the street car is this weird gesture with his hands and the bus is the gesture from the wells on the bus go round and round.  I love how with everyday C Monster us communicating more and more with us.

By the way we were taking the TTC to go to my friend Lisa's birthday; she wanted to go bowling.  Happy belated B-day Lisa.

Drop in Fun

Since the weather turned to well almost summer; I had not been out to the drop in's in a bit.  So on Tuesday we decided to go to Blake.  C Monster loves it there and best of all we bumped into one of our friends Darlene and her grandson.

C decided that he had to paint not with one brush but will all the brushes... I don't need to mention that he made a mess do I.

That being said his artwork was quite nice - we have to go back next week to pick it up.

During the nice weather the teacher brings the kids outside;  they have such a nice playground there - really well designed for little ones.  If you live in Toronto - East End this is definitely a spot you should check out. (Blake Street Junior Public School, 21 Boultbee Ave, (416) 393-9415.

 The Garden is Growing

I played rusian roullet with the weather this year and planted early.  Well Toronto is well past frost warnings but I did not know how the garden would react to be planted in April instead of may.  So far so good. I noticed my carrots are srpouting same goes from my radishes and most of the seaddlings I transplanted are surviving and growing. 


I just had to share this video with you guys...

Looking Forward To

Seeing Grandpa Roy Tomorrow.