Saturday, May 1, 2010

A week in Images and Words


We started the week last weekend with a trip on the TTC.  C Monster loves the TTC.  What is not to love about trains, buses and street cars.  We tend to walk everywhere so going on the transit is a treat for him.  He also loves being a big boy and holding on the bars and so on.

The subway is a "chocho"; the street car is this weird gesture with his hands and the bus is the gesture from the wells on the bus go round and round.  I love how with everyday C Monster us communicating more and more with us.

By the way we were taking the TTC to go to my friend Lisa's birthday; she wanted to go bowling.  Happy belated B-day Lisa.

Drop in Fun

Since the weather turned to well almost summer; I had not been out to the drop in's in a bit.  So on Tuesday we decided to go to Blake.  C Monster loves it there and best of all we bumped into one of our friends Darlene and her grandson.

C decided that he had to paint not with one brush but will all the brushes... I don't need to mention that he made a mess do I.

That being said his artwork was quite nice - we have to go back next week to pick it up.

During the nice weather the teacher brings the kids outside;  they have such a nice playground there - really well designed for little ones.  If you live in Toronto - East End this is definitely a spot you should check out. (Blake Street Junior Public School, 21 Boultbee Ave, (416) 393-9415.

 The Garden is Growing

I played rusian roullet with the weather this year and planted early.  Well Toronto is well past frost warnings but I did not know how the garden would react to be planted in April instead of may.  So far so good. I noticed my carrots are srpouting same goes from my radishes and most of the seaddlings I transplanted are surviving and growing. 


I just had to share this video with you guys...

Looking Forward To

Seeing Grandpa Roy Tomorrow.

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