Monday, May 17, 2010

Doll House

One of the many things that were on my list to get for C Monster one day was a doll house. I think all children need a doll house it's a great way to help them act out feelings and emotions and tell stories with the little dolls.

I was so happy and appreciative when one our friends text-ed and said she wanted to give us one of her daughter's doll houses. I knew C Monster was going to like from the get go as he has played with it at her house before.


I set up the doll house that night while C Monster was sleeping and well as soon as he saw it he had to play with it. He quickly realized that his dolls did not have a bed. I tried flipping one of the tables upside down to make a bed but that was not sufficient. So what do I do? - I made him a bed. I used an old jewelery box for the base and made a mattress and pillows out of a small piece of white felt and used a small square of fabric to make a blanket. I only made 2 pillows for the bed I should have known better and made 3 as he always puts 3 dolls in bed together - mama, papa and him.

I guess this is his ideal sleeping arrangement - in bed with his parents.

Looking Forward To

Landscaping my front yard.

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