Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sewing day

I spent the 2 hours C Monster was napping today sewing....

Baby Goes To The Doctors

What seems like a very long time ago we bought C Monster a doll; he never really liked it until just recently.  However the beautiful Waldorf doll we bought does not stand up to C Monster abuse (He really does not abuse it that much).  I have to say I am disappointed in this toy; when I undressed it today to give it a wash (C Monster dropped juice on it) I found not one but 4 spots were the seams were coming undone.

When I looked up my post regarding finding the Perfect Doll I realized this doll is not even a year old... Sorry Peppa but for craftmenship you get 2 thumbs down from us.

Luckily I can sew so C Monster Baby when to the doctors today for some stitches and is now all better.

Bag For My Clothespins

One of the many things that was on my to-do list was get a clotheslines - yes I did not have one.  Since I am finally getting around to this I decide to make a bag for clothespins using one of C Monsters old shirts that has a small whole in it and a child's coat hanger ( also from C monster's closet).  Here is the result - it was really quite easy to make. 

All you need to do it cut down the sleeves (if it's a long sleeve shirt); sew the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt shut; then hang it on a coat hanger.  The only thing is that you want to make sure you select a shirt that has a wide enough neck that you will be able to get your hand in to get the clothespins out.

A Dress For Baby

With various remnants, included the discarded sleeves from the project above - I made baby a dress.  I wish I would have had the camera handy to capture C monster smile when I showed it to him.

Now my son can chose to dress his doll as a boy, a girl or a boy in a dress...

Looking Forward To

Being done reading the Breastfeeding Answer Book

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