Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Afternoon Art

The C Monster received some PlayMais in a grab bag from a birthday party recently. This afternoon we took them out and started making things: a hammer (see video) and 2 rings. We spent the next 30 mins tossing the rings back and forth in the kitchen.

Boxes Boxes Boxes

I am slowly drowning in boxes here are some pics of the various stacks in our home; tomorrow the new house is all ours...

Old to you; new to us

On the weekend we made a trip to the annual Alpha School Bazar.  The C monster bought himself a marble run from Discovery Toys for $5.  This was definitely worth the $5 as he has played with it every day.  The only thing that annoys me about this toy is that their is only one distinctive start; so we made little flags out of toothpicks, paper and scotch tap to mark all of our starts.

Can you find the C Monster?

A really nice wine

I opened a bottle of Strut Well-Heeled White Wine year 2010 today that I picked up at the local Wine Rack when we were staging our home.  My real estate agent mentioned the wine rack would look better full instead of empty; now that the house is sold it's time to empty it again. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised; this is a really nice fruity wine. (most of the other bottles that we opened were a bit bellow average) I think I will have to pick up a few more bottles next time I am doing my groceries.

Monday, November 28, 2011


The day is approaching and as everything else in a mother's life a curve ball is tossed your way - the C Monster is sick, fever of above 100, since last night.  As long as the grown ups can avoid getting sick we just might successfully get ourselves moved from one house to the other.

Geoff and I spend just a little over 3 months looking for our new home, we really felt we had outgrown our cute little 2 bedroom house however the past 10 years we had grown extremely attached to it and we knew it would take the right house in the right location to get us to move.
We did find the right house (we hope) and I think I may feel lost in it at the beginning as we are more then doubling our square footage.  Geoff will now have a great office on the 3rd floor and until our family grows I will also have a project/office room.  We will have a playroom until the C monster get a bit older and after that a formal dinning room.  My TV will no longer be in my living room; did I mention my TV will no longer be in my living room. 

The house is not perfect as is it does have some work and we are happy to take our time to renovate the parts we want to change; however it is beautiful the way it is and is 100% livable so we can take our time to the work.

I wanted to say a great shout out at our real estate agent  Josee Couture who has now helped us with the purchase of 2 homes and the sale of one.  It did not take her very long to understand exactly what we were looking for and find our new home. I say find because I had written off the home we bought before we saw it and told myself it was not the one for us; and since we were looking at one near by Josee said why don't we go see it anyways.  I fell in love with it the second I walked in.

Pictures of the new house after we take possession on Nov 30th.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Portrait of Papa with a Movember

I guess since I've been working on a Mo for Movember, C decided to add it to his latest drawing of me (with some encouragement from Mama).

Interesting that the mo appears below the mouth.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Grow It Like ...

For more than six months now, C has been growing out his hair, a decision he made for himself. At first, he wanted to grow it like "H", a friend, then like "S", his cousin.

His hair is getting pretty long, although the fact that the hair is curly keeps it up in an Afro-like ball rather than down and dangling in his eyes.