Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday morning

Went yard sale shopping today. We found a great dresser, needs a a bit of love, but it was free and it's made from nice solid wood and the shape and style is what I wanted. We also got a shape sorting toy, a french book and a rattle. It was fun making baby's first purchases.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bionic Mom

The same nose that will make me want to strangle Geoff in the middle of the night for cooking meat also made me discover that diet pepsi and jolly ranchers smell like a wonderful field of flowers with angels dancing around eating lollipops. I think I am going crazy or that some spiked my sparkling water at supper. In short I have this new super-sonic nose. Baby has also given me the best fingernails I have had in my whole life, you would swear that they are fake. I can eat dairy without having any reactions and I have really hot hair. What will morph next...

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I find these days I get exhausted faster then I used to. I also discovered the hard way that I no longer have ab muscles. I stretched the other day and I swear it felt like my stomach was ripping open. I also had my first bout of morning sickness, I was under the impression that once you were in the 2nd trimester you were all clear for that. I guess I'm special. Basically the taste of toothpaste turns my stomach. I have also discovered that absolutely nothing is ever appealing to eat. It's not that I feel sick, it's just I open the fridge and nothing tickles the taste buds. I feel like I have to force myself to eat. Other than all of that, and only being able to sleep 1 day out of every four, life is great. I am amazingly chipper and baby is fine.

I have been spending time working on the decor of the house. I think I have finally chosen all the paints for the living room, hallway and nursery. I need to go out and start looking at floor types, we are probably going to put in a bamboo floor, don't know yet if we are doing it ourselves or hiring someone...

Geoff wants to know what I am doing: I told him it's a secret he he he.

Well that's it for today, other than: if you are pregnant do not venture off for a one hour walk, hunting a restaurant that may or may not be closed because by the time you get there and it is closed you may just attempt to eat your husband to survive. Luckily Geoff quickly found a sub place to ease my hunger and stop me from passing out.

March 16th, Part II

After talking with Christie, she said:
  • Ultrasound is only week-accurate (at the time of our ultrasound), so if we think we had a good idea of the date, we may well be right. As long as the ultrasound estimate isn't radically off, there's no sense in changing our own understanding of the time.
  • Later ultrasounds will be even less accurate at predicting baby age, so we've got all the information we're going to have.
  • Our date was five days later than the Ultrasound date. Doctors will choose to induce if the baby is ten days late, so if we go with the ultrasound date, we may end more likely with an induced birth that wasn't necessary.
So we're sticking with the March 16th date. Obviously that doesn't necessarily say much about when the baby will come, but it does at least predict the date at which induction becomes more likely.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trying to guess if it is a boy or girl

What do you think: boy or girl?

My mom says: a girl.
Lisa says: a girl.
The chinese gender predictor says: girl.
If we go by the heart beat, it's a girl.
According to the old wives tale questionnaire, there is a 55% chance it's a girl.

However none of that is science and I am still calling baby "he" and they often say a mother's intuition is the best. Or maybe I am just preparing myself, since I said my whole life I wanted a girl. We will just have to wait and see until ultrasound number 2 on October 22/07.

Midwife Visit II

Yesterday we had a second prenatal visit with Christie. She is really great and makes me quite comfortable. We got to hear baby's heart beat for the for the first time. I have to admit I had a tear trickling down. I can't believe there is life inside of me. She said that at every visit we get to listen to the baby's heart :-).

On another note I don't know what happened last night but I slept the whole night, did not even wake up to go pee. I must have been wiped.

Got to finish breakfast and go off to work.

Oh. for anyone wondering baby's heart beat was 150 - Christie said that was great.

Monday, September 10, 2007

13 weeks 6 days

I have been ping-ponging back and forth between cloth diapers vs disposable diapers. I don't like the idea of the amount of waste that is created when using disposable diapers but on the other hand don't like the idea of using bleach on something that touches chou chou's little bum. Tonight at Yoga Class the pre-class discussion was on diapers and after hearing someone else experience and that they did it all without using one drop of bleach it's making me want to do cloth. Tara has a bunch of cloth diapers we can use so cost wise it wont be too much if we use hers. She has some new ones and some used ones I think I will only take the new ones since I know she washed hers with bleach. That's it, I think I convinced myself we are going to try cloth.

For those wondering baby is doing well we have our second midwife appointment on Wednesday. On the other hand mama feels like she needs a bit of pampering so tomorrow night we are going for a manicure and pedicure.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well, we've toyed with a few different registries, and for now I think the one Pierrette likes best is, so we've added that on the right. No need to run out and buy stuff, by all means, but if you're looking to do so and want to know what we're currently interested in, it'll show up there.

We've done some stroller shopping. The Stokke is nice, but i'm not yet sure if it's $1299 nice. I haven't yet seen either of the Bug models in person. Quinny Buzz and Uppababy Vista are both markedly cheaper, and relatively decent. The quinny's still too new, so there's no carseat match or enough accessories, but that may change before we have to buy.

I'm kinda hoping that something really feels like "the one". So far, I think the Stokke is still probably the one that's most interesting, but ... it didn't give me a feeling of total satisfaction. It's all made from plastic; high-quality plastic, I'm told, and durable, but ... it doesn't have that "rock solid" feeling that I would have hoped for, for the price.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

13 weeks 2 days

It's so neat to have a picture of your baby before he is even born... It feels so real now.

I find i am feeling LOT better on average. Unfortunately i have a migraine today and i think i might be getting sick. Hopefully lots of rest will get me by without getting ill since baby does not like medicines.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, there we go. The first shot of Baby Wiseman, as captured by Mount Sinai.

I think it speaks for itself, really.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

March 11th?

Using ultrasound measurements as a basis, the hospital informed us we were 12 weeks, 3 days along, farther than our current estimates. Hard to say which is more predictive of our due date, but if I use this as a basis then our due date is 11-Mar rather than 16-Mar.

I've updated the ticker accordingly and added a visual Flash ticker that Pierrette and I found on notcot.

Today's been a busy day of renovation. Lots of mudding and sanding, and a trip to the grocery store. Tomorrow I'll try and get some more paint on the bathroom door, and do still more mudding and sanding.

12 weeks 4 days

Geoff beat me to the punch to share the news about the ultrasound. I have to admit I had a tear trickling down my face while looking at "mon petit choux-choux" on the monitor during the ultrasound and was quite upset when I could not bring a picture home.

Baby and me have been doing yoga twice a week now and I find it it's been helping a lot with sleep and sore joints; also there is this pose called child's pose where you are down on your knees with your toes touching and the knees brought apart, then you stretch down until your butt touches your feet and your arms are on the floor far ahead of you. I find this pose so stress-relieving.

I have to say, a lot of the craziness that made me feel beyond pregnant a few weeks ago are mostly gone. I can stay up till 10pm again: no more 6pm betimes. I do not feel like I am going to hurl as soon as you place pressure on my belly. Smells, however, still bother me, Geoff was cooking ham a few nights ago after I went to bed and it woke me up and after that all hell broke loose as I could not fall back asleep. Things that I would have never smelled before drive me nuts. Yesterday we when to a vegetarian restaurant especially for me and I did not want to eat my food cause it smelled funny. I also learned the hard way no eating supper after 7pm that will result in a sleepless night on the couch watching TV. Geoff says I now have "Sebastian Supper Times".

Today I will be off to Grandma Wiseman for the weekend while Geoff does work on the house.