Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well, we've toyed with a few different registries, and for now I think the one Pierrette likes best is, so we've added that on the right. No need to run out and buy stuff, by all means, but if you're looking to do so and want to know what we're currently interested in, it'll show up there.

We've done some stroller shopping. The Stokke is nice, but i'm not yet sure if it's $1299 nice. I haven't yet seen either of the Bug models in person. Quinny Buzz and Uppababy Vista are both markedly cheaper, and relatively decent. The quinny's still too new, so there's no carseat match or enough accessories, but that may change before we have to buy.

I'm kinda hoping that something really feels like "the one". So far, I think the Stokke is still probably the one that's most interesting, but ... it didn't give me a feeling of total satisfaction. It's all made from plastic; high-quality plastic, I'm told, and durable, but ... it doesn't have that "rock solid" feeling that I would have hoped for, for the price.

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