Saturday, September 1, 2007

12 weeks 4 days

Geoff beat me to the punch to share the news about the ultrasound. I have to admit I had a tear trickling down my face while looking at "mon petit choux-choux" on the monitor during the ultrasound and was quite upset when I could not bring a picture home.

Baby and me have been doing yoga twice a week now and I find it it's been helping a lot with sleep and sore joints; also there is this pose called child's pose where you are down on your knees with your toes touching and the knees brought apart, then you stretch down until your butt touches your feet and your arms are on the floor far ahead of you. I find this pose so stress-relieving.

I have to say, a lot of the craziness that made me feel beyond pregnant a few weeks ago are mostly gone. I can stay up till 10pm again: no more 6pm betimes. I do not feel like I am going to hurl as soon as you place pressure on my belly. Smells, however, still bother me, Geoff was cooking ham a few nights ago after I went to bed and it woke me up and after that all hell broke loose as I could not fall back asleep. Things that I would have never smelled before drive me nuts. Yesterday we when to a vegetarian restaurant especially for me and I did not want to eat my food cause it smelled funny. I also learned the hard way no eating supper after 7pm that will result in a sleepless night on the couch watching TV. Geoff says I now have "Sebastian Supper Times".

Today I will be off to Grandma Wiseman for the weekend while Geoff does work on the house.

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