Friday, August 31, 2007

Ultrasound & Chaos

An eventful day. Pierrette almost didn't make the ultrasound appointment because she was stuck on the DVP which was closed down to allow the passage of a carful of bombs. Really. And the dude they arrested lives on Ashdale, a few streets east of here. Is someone trying to tell us something?

But she made it, and we got an ultrasound. No multiples, just the one baby. So far, so good.

Surprising how much he or she (we don't know yet) moves around. Pierrette can't feel it yet, but she's an active little guy. He rolled over on to her side and onto his face several times during the ultrasound. We could see arms and hands and a spine, and a little tiny beating heart. Well, ok, we could see a little patch of pixels twitching, but the ultrasound technician tells us that was a heart.

Having seen a lot of static ultrasound pictures before, I hadn't realized how much the 'motion' helps you to really see the baby. It felt, for those moments, very real, although it's gone back to being somewhat abstract.

There was some irritating mixup with our ultrasound photo. It wasn't ready with the ultrasound results, so they said to come back after we drew blood. It wasn't ready when we came back from the blood, so they called up again and then said to come back after the genetic counselling. When we left the genetic counselling office ... the ultrasound desk was closed and locked up. Gee, thanks guys, not like we WANTED our copy of the first picture of our baby. Nooo, not at all.

Anyway -- guess we'll have to bug 'em to get it now. So I don't have any pictures to share.

We saw Cirque du Soleil tonight; it was great, but most of the acts were high up in the air and we were very close, so I've got a sore neck.


Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Yeah, the revised date based on the baby's size is 12-weeks 4 days; whereas we would have said 12 weeks, so we seem to have been four days off.

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

(or the baby grew fast, I guess)