Thursday, August 16, 2007

9 weeks 5 days

I started charting the food I eat to make sure I get the correct amount of each food group and the proper amount of servings. I also signed up for Yoga Classes every Monday; I start next week. I think I might try to see if I can find an aqua-fit class to sign up for also.

I was very happy when our midwife said that acupuncture is OK at this point, since my joints are killing me. Can wait to be poked by Julie :-)

I was talking to mom last night and she asked me what was the probability for twins, I said I don't know but they should be able to tell by my next appointment. She told me that both of my grandmothers had twins I always though only memere Arsenault had twins... Should I be scare? Should I be excited?

I find I am slightly less tired the before but still exhausted, I think watching what I eat carefully is probably helping.

Je t'aime mon petit, I decided soon you will no longer look like an alien.

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