Thursday, June 7, 2012


Meet our new addition Fluffy the dwarf hamster...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


One of my biggest challenges as a parent is to get C Monster to eat fruits and vegetables. To make it less arbitrary to him when I say "you can not have more bread until you eat vegetables", I decided to make him an interactive food guide.   I used the canadian food guide as my example. They have a section where one can create a personal food guide.  I used this to determine how much food a 4-year-old boy should be eating. 

For the interactive guide I just drew and coloured a chart on a piece of paper and then printed pictures of the food groups off the internet.  I cut each one out and attached a magnet to each. Voila: a food guide simple enough a 4-year-old gets it.

The house rules for the food guide are:
  • No dessert until all other categories are filled up.
  • Once you are done your bread products, that is it for that category.
  • Once you have filled up all 4 food group categories, you get a sticker.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


The C Monster had his first dance recital on Saturday. A 6 minute hip hop dance routine.  He looked so cute. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I have been busy as always and that = me not having time to post anything.  2 weekends ago on Victoria Day we took the C Monster out to see fireworks at Ashbridge Bay.  We live close enough that we can walk and well if we could not walk there I am not certain you could pay me to go - traffic is nuts.

We packed a picnic and headed down wagon in tow to the lake for supper and fireworks.

Geoff trying to eat his supper...

All that said I have to say the city puts on a pretty good firework show at Ashbridge Bay.  And cuddling up with my little C Monster on the sand while watching the fireworks and hearing him say wow, ahh, beautiful mama and start spontaneously clapping is well worth it.

I think it took C Monster 5 minutes after the fireworks to pass out in the wagon. He was so tired he fell asleep eating the rest of his supper I had to fish out sandwich bits from his mouth.