Thursday, June 26, 2008

Review Fuzzi Bunz Diaper

Fuzzi Bunz: We only own one of these because I have issues with the positioning of the snaps; this is probably our most hated diaper for that only reason.

The positive points:
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Dries quickly (1 run in the dryer)
  • Available at most baby boutiques
  • Wicks moisture extremely well
  • Poo stains come out of the outer layers extremely easily (so even-though the stuffing may have a stain the diaper looks clean)
  • Reasonably priced ($18.50)
  • not bulky
  • looks cute one baby
The negative points:
  • Mass produced product (not locale)
  • Not organic, inside is bleached white
  • Sometimes leaks at night (I think a doubler would fix that)
  • The snap positions make it extremely cumbersome to close (this by itself made me decide we did not want to use these diapers - this is the reason why we only have one)
  • Because inside layer wicks so well; if he has an open air incident while changing the pee just runs down the sides and goes all over his outfit.
  • sized - you will need to purchase more diapers in your babies diaper wearing days
Would I recommend to someone else:
only if this is the only option you have for cloth, so basically no.

Would I buy again for my son:

Review Baybees Diaper

Baybees: These were our original choice; however they are no longer available. We selected these after doing tones of research however since Chrisrtophe was not born yet we never baby tested them.

Model we tried out was the "All-in-one"

The positive points:
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Organic bamboo or cotton on the inside
  • Dries quickly
  • Reasonably priced ($16.50 each)
  • Fast shipment (at lease to Toronto)
  • Goes on and off easily
  • Locally made (made in Ontario)
  • Mom enterprise
  • not bulky
  • looks extremely cute
The negative points:
  • Leaves redness on baby's skin because the lining does not wick away moisture
  • Only available on-line (currently not available)
  • Since the closures are snaps we sometimes found the diapers were too loose or too tight (velcro would be better to avoid that)
  • Would sometimes leak at night when he was very little; now almost always leaks at night
  • sized - you will need to purchase more diapers in your babies diaper wearing days
Would I recommend these to some-else:

If you are looking for a organic cotton or bamboo diaper that is easy to use an inexpensive yes; otherwise no.

Would I buy these again for my son:

Probably not

Types of Cloth Diapers

I have been meaning for a while to post about this. We use cloth at home and disposable/cloth hybrids on the go. Because I have a lot to say about diapers I am going to divide this in multiple post with information on diaper types and reviews.

So first lets address the various types of cloth diapers:

Flats: These are one-layer diapers and are the most “old-fashioned” choice. Usually the less expensive choice however I was not up to all the folding and pinning that are required. We never considered these they are too cumbersome.

Prefolds: These are similar to flats, but have multiple layers with more layering in the middle. They come on a multitude of sizes from preemie to toddler. You can get them in bleached or unbleached. You typically use a fitted wrap-style cover over them; however they can also be pinned. You can also get prefolds made from hemp or bamboo both of these are more absorbent then cotton; however more expensive. Positive points are that they fit a wide range of body types and sizes, don’t have elastic/snaps/velcro to wear out and are very absorbent. Even though we received about 30 prefolds from Geoff's sister that she never used with her kids, it took us forever to try them, because again we are going for simplicity and I could never seem to remember how to fold them. Also they looked huge on him when he was first born. However with a bit of practice these are now one of our favorites.

Fitted: Fitted diapers often have elastic at the legs and back and basically look like a disposable diaper. They can have velcro or snap fasteners, plain or printed outers, and can be made from a variety of materials like organic cotton or hemp. You need to use a cover over the fitted similar to a cover you would use with a prefold to ensure that you do not get any leaks. Papa likes these well enough, maman does not.

All-in-ones (AIO): The absorbent part of the diaper and the cover combined into a single diaper, just like disposables. These are extra easy to use. You can get some with snap closures or with velcro. They come in a multitude of colors and a variety of fabrics with cotton being the most common. Because everything is combined in one they can require anywhere from one round to 3 rounds in the dryer depending on the brand. Many AIO come with doublers (kinda of a liner) that snaps inside for extra absorption. We have tried a few AIO most of them worked fine.

Pocket Diapers: These have a layer of fleece sewn to a cover with an opening in the back so that the inside of the diaper can be stuffed with any absorbent layer. The fleece lining wicks moisture away from babies' skin, leaving it dry to the touch. Once again these are extra easy to use and look just like a disposable (once stuffed). You can get these with snaps or velcro. Unlike the AIO these typically only take one round in the dryer. Once again we tried a bunch of these and they all seem to work.

I am sure there are others styles that I have not covered but I think that is the most common ones.

Out of all the types we have used our favorites are Pockets and Prefolds; I will share why during the reviews of each type.

Please don't smoke near my child

This is why one has a blog, so you can vent right? I just can't stand it when people assume that because my son is not old enough to talk or hide that everyone and anyone has the right to touch him. I don't mind when people we know come (even if it's just someone we see regularly and not a good friend) but when a total stranger comes up it drives me furious.

The other day this women that was SMOKING came up; I thought I was going to looe it; however I politely said "please don't smoke around my child" and she backed off while giving me this look like I was a crazy mama.

Am I nuts to want to keep strangers grummy paws off my child?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bath thermometer

A few weeks back we picked up this modern looking bath thermometer at a design store in the Distillery District in Toronto. We got the blue one.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Fun

Last weekend started with an early trip and play date with Sebastian. We had been meaning for a while to get together all 6 of us (Kim, Baz, Sebastian, Geoff, Christophe and me). Before heading over we made a "quick" stop at Fresh From the Farm. I say quick because nothing is quick with a baby. If you are ever near Fresh From the Farm drop in a pick up a jar of home made ketchup, I promise this will be the best ketchup you ever taste and it comes in a glass jar (no BPA).

Once we got to Sebastian's we hung out a bit while he warmed up to us, toddlers then to need a bit of adjustment time. After Christophe and Sebastian practiced "sharing" toys.

I find it so adorable to see Sebastian's reaction when I am nursing Christophe he is all interested and intrigued. He fully understands that Christophe is drinking milk and will even ask if he can have some. My answer is that this is Christophe's milk and he gets his from his mommy. That does not deter him from wanting to observe and ask again as soon as Christophe is done. He is so adorable, I just love toddlers.

After lunch we when on our way since our friends were getting ready for a weekend trip and we had errands to run. Our first stop was Earth Child. My boy is not small therefore elastics then to cut into him; and as much as sleepers and yoga pants look cute on him; sometimes I want something else to put on him. Most brands of clothing the elastic is just too tight; however we discovered that pants from Earth Child have a very stretchy elastic so they work great with him. We ended up getting 5 pairs of pants/shorts.

After that we did a quick stop at Once Upon a Child to pick up a crib wedge for his crib. Our doctor suggested putting him on an incline when he sleeps to help minimize spit up. We had been getting a lot more spit up then is typical.

Once back home the rest of the weekend was spent getting ready for our trip to Moncton and the week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shopping Trip

Some people call me eco-mom others call me trendy mom and others safety mom. I guess I am a bit all of these. On the weekend we made a trip (by ttc - maybe I should of thought that one out better) to the Safety Super-Store to pick up a baby b'air for our upcoming trip. I have no clue what I will think of using this or what the little guy will think. This purchase is just another reason why I am Safety Mom.

Check out Christophe wearing his safety flight vest, pool hat and new shoes. Yes I was playing dress up with him, but he was laughing so it's ok.

"I am going to conquer you papa. Do you like my super-hero outfit?"

Christophe Laughing

Look everyone I know how to laugh.

hi doc

We went to the doctor today due to a small rash on Christophe's belly, it's just a heat rash, so nothing to worry about.

His stats for this visit are:

Weight: 16lb 15oz
Height: 26"
Head: 43cm

According to the WHO that puts him in the 85th percentile; and we have officially more the doubled our birth weight.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Toy Spotting

I am always blogging about toys that I want here are few toys we already have that Christophe is loving.

Kringelring Wood Clutching Toy by Haba, this is probably one of his favorite things after his hands to shove in his mouth. Simple yet effective toy. I purchased this on at Treasure Island Toys at 581 Danforth Ave in Toronto.

Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli, many of you out there probably know this one or already may have one but I had to mention it because once again Christophe can't keep his little paws off this one or his mouth. Thank you grandmama (this one was a gift)

Fathers Day


Thursday, June 12, 2008


This morning we went up to Scarborough Town Center to pick up my Yoga pants that I ordered from lululemon at the same time I picked up a pair of crop pants and a bamboo yoga brick. I figured the crop pants would get handy in the summer because as time passes the yoga studio (Seven Seeds) I go to keeps on getting hotter. They have AC but its just more comfortable in the summer when you are wearing shorts or crops.

On a side note if you are in the Queen East area and are looking for a mom and baby yoga class our teacher is starting a new session in July give the studio a call.

OK this is not what I really wanted to blog about so lets get back on track. I never noticed until today how family friendly this mall is. They have 3 nursing rooms one in the Sears, one near their daycare facility (yes by the hour daycare while you shop) and one near the washrooms. They also have family washrooms with tiny little toddler potties. I have to give them props they definitely are making it easy and comfortable to shop with a baby (as easy as it can be).

After we were done at the mall we stopped to pick up some G diaper refills. Yes we have joined the G revolution; but only when we are not home. I am still using cloth at home. Then we headed out to Baby on the Hip to check out diaper bags and pick up some toy leashes.

I ended up buying 2 diaper bags. I had been looking for a small back that holds only a few diapers, change pad and wipes; and another bag that would be large enough but still light and easy to carry when wearing a sling. I ended up buying 2 bags from Reese Li.

After we have used them for a bit I will let you know what we think.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Toy Spotting

Art that your little one can play with. Fidoodle makes these beautiful wooden puzzles. Inside the puzzle hides stick puppets. The wood is from responsibly sourced forest. They come with a organic cotton storage bag. I would love to have one of these for my wee one but with a price tag of approximately $135.00 I don't think we will be buying one soon. However I still think these are great.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We all love to read

I decided I would start sharing with you some of my favorite kids books we have bought so far. So once in a while I will post a book that we are enjoying to read to Christophe. Since day one I have always made sure to read him a minimum of one story per day.

We picked up "We like to Nurse" by Chia Martin (ISBN-0-934252-45-9) this afternoon at Red Tent Sisters. It's a great little story about how various animals also nurse just like baby.

Another book we recently purchased that I love is "Eco Babies Wears Green" by Michelle Colman (ISBN-978-1582462530). As we are all getting more and more eco conscious this is a great little board book that shows eco baby car polling on a bike, recycling, composting, etc.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sesame Street - Rubber Duckie Ernie

Finally I was able to get my hands on a BPA free rubber duck. The Original Rubber Duck from Rich Frog. In honor of this occasion lets all sing the rubber ducky song...

Midnight cat play date

Last night around 2:30 I started hearing Christophe giggling and cooing contently in his room over the monitor. I could also hear the crib toy going and I though he just figured out how to play with it on his own. Since he was not crying I tried to go back to sleep. Every 30 minutes or so he awaked me with his coos. Around 5am he started sounding like he was hungary instead of happy to play with his crib toy and mobile; so I got up and went to get him to start are morning routine. To my surprise I discovered he had a new crib toy Abel our cat. I guess it was able making the crib toy go not him; however I am happy to see that Abel played nice all night long.

That does not surprise em since she tends to come and participate in tummy time with us almost every day and Christophe is quite entertained by her on a daily basis.

We need to be more careful I guess. We always check to make sure the room is kitty free but I guess we missed one. (We have 4 cats)

Baby wearing papa

Do I have to say anything...

planning our first big trip

It's official. Our tickets are purchased we are going to Moncton to meet the rest of my family. We are leaving on June 26 in the evening (that way papa can drop us off at the airport) and we will be back home on July 6 just in time for mama's 30th birthday.

Last weekend we bought the travel bag for our stroller that I will be bringing along. Bugaboo really gauges you on accessories. My parents are buying a car seat so I don't need to worry about that and my aunt is lending them a playpen.

We still need to get swimwear for the both of us. If it's nice I want to take him to the beach.

If any of my "long lost friends" from Moncton want to schedule a play date to meet the munch-kin drop me a line.

Talking about turning 30 what does one do for a birthday once she has a wee one? I have to figure it out and send some invitations.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Toy Spotting

Great educational wooden puzzle to help your wee one learn there body parts and organs; available at Honeybunch.

ABC flash cards to satisfy the geek in you; available at Etsy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

3 months

On Sunday Christophe turned 3 months already. We celebrated in the evening with a carrot cake (well Geoff and I did).

Sunday was a busy day we spend the morning and afternoon with Tara, Benjamin and Sarah at the park. After they left we only had about and hour before my aunt and uncle (Helene and Robert) that were in town from Moncton stopped in for a visit.

Well we can't believe he is already 3 months time just fly by; most people we meet can't believe he is 3 months because of his size (15lbs).