Thursday, June 12, 2008


This morning we went up to Scarborough Town Center to pick up my Yoga pants that I ordered from lululemon at the same time I picked up a pair of crop pants and a bamboo yoga brick. I figured the crop pants would get handy in the summer because as time passes the yoga studio (Seven Seeds) I go to keeps on getting hotter. They have AC but its just more comfortable in the summer when you are wearing shorts or crops.

On a side note if you are in the Queen East area and are looking for a mom and baby yoga class our teacher is starting a new session in July give the studio a call.

OK this is not what I really wanted to blog about so lets get back on track. I never noticed until today how family friendly this mall is. They have 3 nursing rooms one in the Sears, one near their daycare facility (yes by the hour daycare while you shop) and one near the washrooms. They also have family washrooms with tiny little toddler potties. I have to give them props they definitely are making it easy and comfortable to shop with a baby (as easy as it can be).

After we were done at the mall we stopped to pick up some G diaper refills. Yes we have joined the G revolution; but only when we are not home. I am still using cloth at home. Then we headed out to Baby on the Hip to check out diaper bags and pick up some toy leashes.

I ended up buying 2 diaper bags. I had been looking for a small back that holds only a few diapers, change pad and wipes; and another bag that would be large enough but still light and easy to carry when wearing a sling. I ended up buying 2 bags from Reese Li.

After we have used them for a bit I will let you know what we think.

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