Thursday, June 5, 2008

We all love to read

I decided I would start sharing with you some of my favorite kids books we have bought so far. So once in a while I will post a book that we are enjoying to read to Christophe. Since day one I have always made sure to read him a minimum of one story per day.

We picked up "We like to Nurse" by Chia Martin (ISBN-0-934252-45-9) this afternoon at Red Tent Sisters. It's a great little story about how various animals also nurse just like baby.

Another book we recently purchased that I love is "Eco Babies Wears Green" by Michelle Colman (ISBN-978-1582462530). As we are all getting more and more eco conscious this is a great little board book that shows eco baby car polling on a bike, recycling, composting, etc.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out Ella Minnow Children's book store on Queen Street near has so many wonderful books and the owner is wonderful. She can help you find any book you're looking for!

Pierrette said...

Yes I have been there, I picked up a great ABC pop up book for him. The store owner is also really great.

Danielle said...

I saw that Eco babies book at B & N but I thought it was a little $$$. I was going to try to check it out on Amazon. Adorable. Thanks for sharing.