Thursday, June 26, 2008

Review Baybees Diaper

Baybees: These were our original choice; however they are no longer available. We selected these after doing tones of research however since Chrisrtophe was not born yet we never baby tested them.

Model we tried out was the "All-in-one"

The positive points:
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Organic bamboo or cotton on the inside
  • Dries quickly
  • Reasonably priced ($16.50 each)
  • Fast shipment (at lease to Toronto)
  • Goes on and off easily
  • Locally made (made in Ontario)
  • Mom enterprise
  • not bulky
  • looks extremely cute
The negative points:
  • Leaves redness on baby's skin because the lining does not wick away moisture
  • Only available on-line (currently not available)
  • Since the closures are snaps we sometimes found the diapers were too loose or too tight (velcro would be better to avoid that)
  • Would sometimes leak at night when he was very little; now almost always leaks at night
  • sized - you will need to purchase more diapers in your babies diaper wearing days
Would I recommend these to some-else:

If you are looking for a organic cotton or bamboo diaper that is easy to use an inexpensive yes; otherwise no.

Would I buy these again for my son:

Probably not

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