Thursday, June 26, 2008

Please don't smoke near my child

This is why one has a blog, so you can vent right? I just can't stand it when people assume that because my son is not old enough to talk or hide that everyone and anyone has the right to touch him. I don't mind when people we know come (even if it's just someone we see regularly and not a good friend) but when a total stranger comes up it drives me furious.

The other day this women that was SMOKING came up; I thought I was going to looe it; however I politely said "please don't smoke around my child" and she backed off while giving me this look like I was a crazy mama.

Am I nuts to want to keep strangers grummy paws off my child?


Danielle said...

Good for you! You think people would have the sense not to smoake near children.

Kim said...

You're not nuts. I never allowed strangers to approach us and especially if they had a cigarette in their hand and/or just finished one. We have relatives that smoke and we made sure they had always washed their hands before touching the babe. It's common sense to me, but I guess not everyone has that. =)

Zet-Girouard said...

I totally agree with you Pierrette. The worst are the people who come up and start giving you advice or criticism! It's what? You have the right to butt into my business, how?
and of course smokers. my least favourite are those who smoke in prohibitted areas like bus shelters and my mom's apt lobby and elevator.