Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Midnight cat play date

Last night around 2:30 I started hearing Christophe giggling and cooing contently in his room over the monitor. I could also hear the crib toy going and I though he just figured out how to play with it on his own. Since he was not crying I tried to go back to sleep. Every 30 minutes or so he awaked me with his coos. Around 5am he started sounding like he was hungary instead of happy to play with his crib toy and mobile; so I got up and went to get him to start are morning routine. To my surprise I discovered he had a new crib toy Abel our cat. I guess it was able making the crib toy go not him; however I am happy to see that Abel played nice all night long.

That does not surprise em since she tends to come and participate in tummy time with us almost every day and Christophe is quite entertained by her on a daily basis.

We need to be more careful I guess. We always check to make sure the room is kitty free but I guess we missed one. (We have 4 cats)

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