Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Fun

Last weekend started with an early trip and play date with Sebastian. We had been meaning for a while to get together all 6 of us (Kim, Baz, Sebastian, Geoff, Christophe and me). Before heading over we made a "quick" stop at Fresh From the Farm. I say quick because nothing is quick with a baby. If you are ever near Fresh From the Farm drop in a pick up a jar of home made ketchup, I promise this will be the best ketchup you ever taste and it comes in a glass jar (no BPA).

Once we got to Sebastian's we hung out a bit while he warmed up to us, toddlers then to need a bit of adjustment time. After Christophe and Sebastian practiced "sharing" toys.

I find it so adorable to see Sebastian's reaction when I am nursing Christophe he is all interested and intrigued. He fully understands that Christophe is drinking milk and will even ask if he can have some. My answer is that this is Christophe's milk and he gets his from his mommy. That does not deter him from wanting to observe and ask again as soon as Christophe is done. He is so adorable, I just love toddlers.

After lunch we when on our way since our friends were getting ready for a weekend trip and we had errands to run. Our first stop was Earth Child. My boy is not small therefore elastics then to cut into him; and as much as sleepers and yoga pants look cute on him; sometimes I want something else to put on him. Most brands of clothing the elastic is just too tight; however we discovered that pants from Earth Child have a very stretchy elastic so they work great with him. We ended up getting 5 pairs of pants/shorts.

After that we did a quick stop at Once Upon a Child to pick up a crib wedge for his crib. Our doctor suggested putting him on an incline when he sleeps to help minimize spit up. We had been getting a lot more spit up then is typical.

Once back home the rest of the weekend was spent getting ready for our trip to Moncton and the week.

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Kim said...

Well, I guess it's not entirely Sebastian's fault he's interested in another momma's milk... he did wear that "I'm a breastman" shirt for the first year of his life! ;P