Wednesday, June 4, 2008

planning our first big trip

It's official. Our tickets are purchased we are going to Moncton to meet the rest of my family. We are leaving on June 26 in the evening (that way papa can drop us off at the airport) and we will be back home on July 6 just in time for mama's 30th birthday.

Last weekend we bought the travel bag for our stroller that I will be bringing along. Bugaboo really gauges you on accessories. My parents are buying a car seat so I don't need to worry about that and my aunt is lending them a playpen.

We still need to get swimwear for the both of us. If it's nice I want to take him to the beach.

If any of my "long lost friends" from Moncton want to schedule a play date to meet the munch-kin drop me a line.

Talking about turning 30 what does one do for a birthday once she has a wee one? I have to figure it out and send some invitations.

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Zet-Girouard said...

Yay first trip with bebe! Xavier was 3 months on his first trip, my advice is nurse, nurse and well nurse. Depending on which airline you travel, you can bring up to two baby items on the plane with you. You just leave at the end before getting on the plane and they have ready for you when you get off. I found this was extremely useful, we were able to have Xavier in his carseat (which fit it our stroller) and the stroller the whole time in the airport. The flight attendants will also help you if you need it.