Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ultrasound and Gear

We have our appointment for an ultrasound tomorrow; imagine that'll make this all seem more "real" and less abstract.

Since Pierrette has some history of twins on her side, it'll be interesting to finally get some sense of 'how many'. I imagine 'one' is by far the likeliest, but in some ways, twins would be neat, and useful given the size of our house.

We've been talking about strollers and slings/carriers, but haven't settled on any of the above yet. I had saved a great no-burp bottle from Cool Tools, but with the advent of the whole no-plastics-or-at-least-safer-plastics debate, I'm not sure if that bottle has kept up with the times.

Also read a little about the Baby Plus prenatal education system. Sounds interesting, and mildly plausible, but also sounds like something difficult to prove. Are you spending $200 for what amounts to some in-flight entertainment for Baby that could be replaced by a $20 mp3 player and $20 headphones, or is it really a reliable way to improve your baby's earlier years? Hard to say.

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