Sunday, September 23, 2007


I find these days I get exhausted faster then I used to. I also discovered the hard way that I no longer have ab muscles. I stretched the other day and I swear it felt like my stomach was ripping open. I also had my first bout of morning sickness, I was under the impression that once you were in the 2nd trimester you were all clear for that. I guess I'm special. Basically the taste of toothpaste turns my stomach. I have also discovered that absolutely nothing is ever appealing to eat. It's not that I feel sick, it's just I open the fridge and nothing tickles the taste buds. I feel like I have to force myself to eat. Other than all of that, and only being able to sleep 1 day out of every four, life is great. I am amazingly chipper and baby is fine.

I have been spending time working on the decor of the house. I think I have finally chosen all the paints for the living room, hallway and nursery. I need to go out and start looking at floor types, we are probably going to put in a bamboo floor, don't know yet if we are doing it ourselves or hiring someone...

Geoff wants to know what I am doing: I told him it's a secret he he he.

Well that's it for today, other than: if you are pregnant do not venture off for a one hour walk, hunting a restaurant that may or may not be closed because by the time you get there and it is closed you may just attempt to eat your husband to survive. Luckily Geoff quickly found a sub place to ease my hunger and stop me from passing out.

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