Saturday, September 1, 2007

March 11th?

Using ultrasound measurements as a basis, the hospital informed us we were 12 weeks, 3 days along, farther than our current estimates. Hard to say which is more predictive of our due date, but if I use this as a basis then our due date is 11-Mar rather than 16-Mar.

I've updated the ticker accordingly and added a visual Flash ticker that Pierrette and I found on notcot.

Today's been a busy day of renovation. Lots of mudding and sanding, and a trip to the grocery store. Tomorrow I'll try and get some more paint on the bathroom door, and do still more mudding and sanding.


Pierrette said...

Geoff did you know if you click on the date on the visual timer it changes from time past to time left?

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Neat; yeah, there's four possible values: "to go" in days or weeks/days and "so far" in days or weeks/days.