Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, there we go. The first shot of Baby Wiseman, as captured by Mount Sinai.

I think it speaks for itself, really.


Kim said...

What a beautiful first picture of Baby Wiseman. Can't wait to see you on the 15th - I'm warning you now, I may request a belly rub (Pierrette's belly, not Geoff's.. unless of course he asks nicely!).

Fuseboy said...

That's very cool. As you said, it's really neat to see the little critter from another perspective - it makes it seem much more real. Particularly to us guys, who can't feel the wee kicks and pokes.

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

As I've told a few of you, one of the things that surprised me about the process was how much more ... 'real' it seems with motion (e.g. video, rather than simply a still picture).

Much like television, which is actually fairly low-quality images, an ultrasound is much more lifelike when you can see the baby moving, or have the ultrasound pan across the baby.

Even the picture gives me smiles, so I guess I'm going to enjoy the real thing -- at least, once the crying-no-sleep phase is over.