Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lets talk nursing bras...

Nursing bra fashion has come a long way...  especially for us larger chested woman.  When you walk in specialty stores such as Evymama the shelves are lined with gorgeous nursing bras for women that wear a DD or smaller - but for the rest of us for a long time we were doomed to wearing very simple nursing bras with no frills. This time is over I tried 20 different bras at Evymama - some fun others plain. However if I was less endowed I probably would have had twice as many bras to chose from.

My first set of nursing bras I bought about 2 years ago were all the exact same one just in a variety of colors - lets be honest the variety of colors was black, white and ivory.  First I had a little one with me, did not feel, sexy and well was way to tired to keep on looking for something fun.  This time around I wanted bras that made me feel beautiful, flirty and fun - not a mom bra.

Here is what I found after just going to 2 stores.  First I went to Secrets From Your Sister. (PS if you are chesty and need - nursing bra, regular bra or any bra you can imagine - this is the place to go first they are amazing but be ready to spend 100$ a bra.)

I picked up 3 bras from Freya:
Then I went off to Evymama and picked up 2 bras from Royce:

If you are going to go to either of these store give yourself time as you will be there for about an hour.  Both stores have toys to entertain you toddler :-)

Looking Forward To

Having a back walk out that is painted.


Shanilie said...

NICE. Mine are HUGE and I have a very difficult time finding regular bras let alone nursing bras.

Pierrette said...

@ Shanilie

I know I think it's cruel that if you are a B cup you can find a great fancy or funky bra for $20 but if you are an H cup you have to dish out 150$ to get a fun bra or $75 to get an ugly bra.