Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seedlings; Kids On the Hip and I am not Perfect

Seeds are Sprouting

I am so excited my seeds are taking and my sprouts are growing... I planted a few more last weekend and will do the same this weekend - by spreading out when you start your seedlings you have a variety of plants at different point is their growing cycle so you end up with a more continuous crop.

Kids on the Hip is closing. All week, everything is 25% off; next week starting on Saterday everything is 40% off, then that is it: bye bye Kids on the Hip. I went by today and picked up a few things for the C Monster including great little toy cars for an Easter Hunt. My plan this year is to hide some paper eggs around the house with some clues on them leading you from egg to egg. With each egg I will hide a little car - at the end when he gets to the final egg their will be a small chocolate egg for him.

The cars are from Plan Toys - mini trucks and cars II.

Keeping it Real

Inspired by fellow blogger Boho mom I decided to post about my imperfections:

  • I make tonnes of typos (many of which are cleaned up later by my helpful husband)
  • My dishes are not done
  • The laundry is piling up
  • My son is down to only one nighttime diaper - I so need to wash diapers
  • We had ice cream for lunch (chocolate of course)
  • I have granola crumbs stuck to my butt
Looking Forward

To a great lunch on Friday with my friends.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader-and so happy that your back from your blog break!!!
Would you mind if I requested a blog post-could you give us a peak into how you set up C's space??

Shanilie said...

Ahhh the joys of the approaching spring. My fav. season. Watching all the new blooms.

Pierrette said...


Thank you - am happy to hear you are enjoying the blog and I am also happy to be back i really needed my blog in my life.

Regarding the post keep an eye out I will get something together in the next week or so for you.