Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nursery No More / Toronto Life / Grandpa

Nursery No More

One of my readers requested a peek in C Monster's space how it is set up and so on. I though a great way to start the series on the Monster's space would be with his room. In the next few days I will follow this up with another post about his play areas in our home.

I uses the title for this section as Nursery No More because well his room definitely is no longer a nursery; the crib is long gone and so is the rocking chair and baby mobile. These have been replaced with a big boy bed and a reading corner.

I have to say if we ever have a second baby we will probably not use the crib; C Monster ended up co-sleeping with us until he was old enough to be on a mattress on the floor. When we first got the mattress he rolled off a few times and then that was that - he seemed to understand were the edge was and now pretty much never rolls out of bed. I have to say he is a pretty lucky boy this is a premium bed: all natural organic cotton mattress an sheets with shredded rubber pillows (matching mom and tot). The main large blanket is mine from childhood my grandmother made it; the knitted blanket at the foot of the bed was a gift from my sister and the 2 little throw pillow I made from 2 cloth bags we received with pj's from grand-mama.

I have to mention that the little rocking chair in the picture was found on the side of the curb - it was too cute to leave there.

I use the same bins in C Monster room; the kitchen and living room to sort his toys; that way once every two weeks I can rotate the bins so that he does not always have the same toys downstairs. However we make sure to keep an abundant supply of books and puzzles in his room as these are his favorite before bed activities. The rocking horse was a gift from my mom and travel to Toronto all the way from Moncton - she found it at a yard sale for 2$.

As you can all see for yourself his nursery is now a little boys room...

Toronto Life

During my blogging hiatus I kept busy - and I also got interviewed for Toronto Life. If you want to take a look at the article -

Grandpa Roy

C Monster was trilled today to spend the afternoon and evening with his Grandpa. I love watching him interact with other members of the family - I think it's so important for him to know his grandparents. Maybe this comes from the fact that I probably spent more of my childhood at my memere's then any-where's else.

Grandpa also brought us to Mahar one of the locale Indian restaurants on the strip. C Monster is getting a bit more eventurous with food - typically he would have only eaten naan but today he had some samosas and barfi along with his naan.

Looking Forward To

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