Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toronto Water Lead Testing

Back in October 2008, we'd had our water tested for lead levels by the city, and blogged about it. A recent study has implied that if you have a partial pipe replacement at your home, your lead levels may spike rather than going down, and that it might be better to leave old lead pipes in place than to replace part of the pipe (although a full replacement is still an improvement).

Having read this, I inquired if a friend had had his area's pipes replaced, and when he said that they had, I suggested he consider getting his water tested. I pointed him to our blog post and he looked into it, and has discovered that the process has changed somewhat. When we had our water tested, the city dropped off a sample bottle and picked it up again. Now, you have to go and pick up the bottle and drop it off, which is probably a sensible optimization on the city's part, although it is obviously less convenient. The locations and process are are documented on the City of Toronto website.

So if you're interested in having your lead level tested in Toronto or if you've had a partial pipe replacement, this might be a good time to go read up on getting your lead level tested.

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