Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To Do, Chickpea - Babble

To Do List

Many people say I am the most organized person they have met; well that is because otherwise I forget everything. Just how crazy am I about making list well lets see - we have shopping list; to do list; cleaning list and so one. I also have a daily to do list this is the stuff that I need to do everyday. I post the list on my white board and as the day goes by check stuff off as it is done.

How do you keep yourself organized?

Beans & Chickpeas

It's not a secret despite my best effort C Monster pretty much only eats pizza, pasta, crackers, eggs, cheese, edemame, peas, corn, smoothies, dried fruit in all forms. I was floored when he started eating chickpeas and black eye peas last night- he even did a repeat performance for supper tonight.

C Monster Babble No More

C Monster is slowly mastering his vocabulary and is developing some favorite sentences here is a peek in his vocab:
  • Come papa (this is said every-time he sees a motorcycle; because his papa drives one)
  • Help mama
  • Mama Aide
  • More mama up vroom vroom (this is said every-time we are in the car and I drive over speed bumps)
  • Mine Mine Mine
  • Meow en haut, down (by this he means the cat is on the counter and should get down)
  • More juice
  • There it is
  • Yeah vroum vroum
  • Papa this (and points at the toy he wants his dad to play with)
  • Papa bye bye vroum vroum (this means papa went to work in the car)
  • En haut cho-cho (this is used the describe a train on a bridge)
Looking Forward

To more sunny days...

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