Thursday, March 25, 2010

Terrible 2s / Sprouts / Bad Plastics

Terrible twos

Today I did something I never though I would after C Monster hit me in the head hard enough for me to see stars I told him mama was leaving him in his room alone for a few minutes because he hurt me and needed to think about what he did.

I left him there for a total of about 10 minutes - I was sure he was going to cry as soon as I left but instead he said "mama ouch" and played for a bit with some blocks. When I came back to the room he gave me a hug and a kiss and asked to nurse so we did.

What I though I would not do is just put him in his room if he was "bad" and leave. I always told myself that this is not how you resolve conflict. If he does things like this typically we talk about feelings and why did he hurt. However today, well we had been having a ruff day and this was the tipping point; I was scared if I stayed with him and he did it again that I might scream at him instead of reacting calmly. I think I needed the time out as much as he did.

As I write this and C Monster is upstairs getting ready for bed with papa I heard papa say "Are you done throwing stuff at me, can I come back now?"


For a few years now we have been making our own sprouts instead of buying them at the grocery store. It's pretty easy as long as you have a sprouting jar. I really like the crunchy bean and pea sprouts you can buy; so I decided to try to make some at home. It was super simple here is what I did (the instruction are assuming you are using a sprouting jar)

Use 3 tablespoon dried whole peas soak for 8 to 10 hours. After that rinse and make sure you rinse the peas twice a day and drain. After about 3 to 4 days you will crunchy sprouted peas to add to salads or just snack on.

Bad Plastics

I was looking for some information on polystyrene the other day and came across this great website that really brakes down well good and bad plastics and explains the reasons why one would call a plastic bad in very understandable terms. You should check it out:

Looking Forward To

The maple syrup farm - assuming the weather is cooperating this weekend.

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Micheline said...

Sometimes it's good to give a time out, especially if you're the one that needs it, it's so much better than losing your cool. You did a good choice, I know I've been there :)