Friday, March 12, 2010

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I feel like all I am talking about these days is Sprig Toys. This morning I realized that C Monster's Discover Rig was no longer playing music or lighting up - needless to say C Monster was devastated. So while he napped I sneaked out to exchange it at Winners. ( Geoff works from home - so no I did not leave a 2 year old home alone) I did not have my receipt so I was a bit nervous that they would not do the exchange but nope they were fantastic; 5 minutes after I was in the store I had a new Discover Rig for the C Monster.

Also in response to a comment previously made on one my entries regarding Sprig; I have sent Sprig the follow letter:

"Hello, I am an avid blogger and parent of a 2 year old. I recently found out that Sprig was purchased by Wham-o. I also heard from one of the shops that sells the toys that the intentions is to close the Canadian plant and move the operations to Mexico. I know some of the toys are already produced in Mexico is their truth to this rumor?

baAlso as a very concerned parent and activist I wanted to understand in greater detail the current practices in the Mexico plant. Are the workers paid wages equal to the same wages the Canadian workers get. Do they receive benefits such as health care and so on. Do they get paid vacation? Does the plant have measures in place to ensure the worker safety and are all properly educated on the dangers of heavy machinery? How long of a shift do they work? Do they get brakes?

Thank you very much for your help in this matter."

Play Dates

Often "play dates" are a highlight of the week. Christophe gets to play with his friends and I get to have tea with mine. All so very civilized. Who ever though that I would like "play dates" so much.

Baby-wearing - dangerous?

So the hot topic out there these days is that slings = death. I know that is harshly put. I think one has to be careful before they speak; slings if used properly are 100% safe and an amazing way to care for your child. I used one with C Monster from the time he was 1 month old.

"The head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Inez Tenenbaum, said Tuesday that her agency is getting ready to issue a general warning to the public, likely to go out this week, about the slings." - taken from Govt to warn on baby slings because of deaths by the Associated Press.

I think this is a big hit to the attachment parenting community as many of us use slings on a regular basis or have in the past. I feel for all the families that have lost a child due to an accident using a sling or a carrier however it is important to note that there are tones of various carriers out there - not all of them might be safe. If we compare slings to another hot topic lately cribs.

"I definitely feel for the families of the infants who have died. But when a baby tragically dies in a crib, we don't say "all cribs are dangerous" and stop using them." - taken from Baby-wearing is safe by Momlogic.

When a child dies in a crib we identify the problem and remove those cribs from the market. The same needs to be done in regards to slings. Some sling violate all basic baby-wearing rules like the Infantino Slingrider; I felt this way about that particular carry from the first time I saw it even before I had a child.

"Baby should be close enough to kiss.
Baby should never have his chin resting on his chest.
Baby's head should be above the rest of her body.
Baby's knees should be higher than his butt.
Baby's face shouldn't be covered by fabric.
Baby's head should be supported."
Taken from Babywearing the real deal on safety by Undercover Mother

In summary:
Do I think Baby-wearing is dangerous? - No
Do I think some carriers are badly designed? - Yes
Will I baby-wear even if the government says not to? - Yes (there are many thing I think the government is not always right about)
Have I had a scary moment with baby-wearing? - Yes (but I was practicing all the safe baby-wearing guidelines so all was OK in the end)
Do I still baby-wear C Monster? -


Shopping Score

C Monster has been more and more drinking from cups; but I find our cups are a bit too wide mouth for him and had been keeping an eye open for some glasses for him - of course they had to be made of glass. When I was in IQ Living today looking for mini-loaf pans that do not have any non-stick coating on them (did not find any so if anyone out there knows were to get some please let me know) on the sales rack I found these by Leonardo from Germany. They were half off so that made them $5 each.

I have often mentioned in my blog Red Tent Sisters as I was in the shop today one thing came to mind.

Where else can someone: rent a porno; buy condoms; stop to nurse their baby; buy baby bottles paraphernalia; browse books; by a book; purchase a vibrator; pick up some sanitary napkins; and lets not forget have some good conversation with a great gal.

Sexy Voice - or not so

It's official I am sick - I am loosing my voice so as I like to say I have a sexy phone operator voice. Just in time for our trip to Guelph.



We arrived last night with a sleeping C Monster in the car. Just enjoying a lazy day with Grandma.

Slings again

As I am finishing this post my phone vibrates, it's an email notification the email is from Health Canada and reads:

"Provided here for your convenience is a link to 1 advisory:

Health Canada Reminds Parents to Exercise Caution When Using Infant Slings
and Soft Infant Carriers

See also:"

Looking Forward

I though I would start ending my post with a Looking Forward section just a quick note about something coming up that I am excited about.

To seeing our friends Nancy, Ivy, Kim, Basil and Sebastian.

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