Saturday, March 6, 2010

All in a Saturday

Crazy Nice Weather

Today was a "balmy" 8 outside and it's calling for 9 tomorrow and them 6,5,2,3,2 for the rest of the week. Definitely starting to feel like spring - not quite here yet but coming. Last week I ordered all my seeds except for the Edamame seeds - Richters did not have any.

Bike Helmet - or Food Helmet - or Bed Helmet

Today after gym at SH Armstrong we strolled by our neighborhood bike accessory store Velotique. I say bike accessory because that is all you find there - no bikes. I think it's great that means you have a fantastic selection of everything you need to be a well equipped. Our goal was to get a helmet for C Monster. The sales clerk was great she took out the 4 "boy" helmets out and lined them up so C Monster could select one. His choice black with red flames - he takes after his mom :-)

The kids helmet they had were from Giro; we find it easy to get it on him and once on him it holds it place. It has these little lights on the back; the on and off button for one of them is slightly damage but still works - all this only after one day. In the helmets defense C Monster abused it all day. The most important thing is that C Monster is willing to wear it and is very happy with his shiny new helmet.

Tidbit of Info for Breastfeeding Moms

I have been working my way through "The Breastfeeding Answer Book"; I am currently reading the section on drugs and found this interesting tidbit of information that serves as a great reminder for the breastfeeding moms out there:

"In general, the best time to take a drug is right after breastfeeding, so that the drug can begin clearing from the mother's system before she breastfeeds again. If the mother is taking a once-a-day medication, suggest she takes it right before her baby's longest sleep period, if her doctor agrees." - La Leche League International The Breastfeeding Answer Book p593

That being said I want to remind everyone that if you are taking any kind of medicine and are breastfeeding or pregnant you should talk to you doctor first.

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