Monday, March 29, 2010

monday - it's almost over

Today was insane for me. The morning started with a technician coming to look at our dishwasher - it's broken and will stay that way for another week or so. They need to order a part will be a week. Needless to say I have a mountain of dishes.

Then off to get some money at the bank to pay for our music class; then to music class. Thank you oh so much for music class as it was the only fun part of the day for me. C Monster had lost of fun all day at my expense; but for me music class was the highlight of the day. While we were at music class I picked up a copy of the teachers CD From Sun to Sun - C Monster loves it. After we got home all he wanted the CD to be playing all the time. We had to get this CD right before Criss Cross Apple Sauce E Monster Eva's daughter introduces the song as "Christophe Apple Sauce". If you go to Music For Life's website you can here it - On the left hand site you can listen to a sample of songs just select Criss Cross Apple Sauce.

After Music was lunch we made pizza. I prepared the dough last night in our bread machine - that also broke. Will probably be about 1 week or so for the replacement part. The crust just came out OK once I have my bread machine back and I perfect the recipe I will post it.

After lunch came nap - C Monster did go down in his bed after a fight and nursing for so long I swear I felt like my boob was going to fall off. During nap; did laundry; did some sewing; watched True Blood; cleaned up a bit; checked on my seedlings; answered my emails; planned C Monster schedule for the month of April. After only being down for an hour (that is how long it took me to do everything noted above) C Monster woke to only fall back asleep in my arms downstairs - there goes everything else I wanted to do. He slept till 4pm.

Once he woke up for the second time - pack him up in the stroller and off we go run errands. Pick up a coupling drive from Butlers for our blender that broke last Friday; pick up bread from the bakery (since we do not have a bread machine); get groceries. Arrived back home slightly after 6pm.

Make supper - mac & cheese from a box - yes it's that kind of day. (It's organic mac& cheese)

After supper put groceries away - C Monster helps - he is in charge of putting the fruit in the fruit drawer.

7:30pm going crazy; I am solo parenting as Geoff is out for the evening - I decide to distract C monster by calling my parents - it works like a charm for almost an hour. During that time I amke poached pears (We currently have around 30 pears - so I figured this would be a great way to use up 20 or so).

8pm C Monster hangs up with my mom (they do web calls using Skype) - I need to put away the pears before we head up for bed he wont let me - I cave in and let him watch Thomas.

8:30pm we go upstairs - C Monster puts on his pj's brushes his teeth - attempt one at putting him down last till 9:15. I tell him he can play or sleep but mama is going to do a few things and I will be back in a few minutes. C Monster complains for 10 minutes - no crying just complaining - the he starts crying so I go up to him right away.

9:30pm attempt number 2 at going to sleep - he is down in 15 minutes or so.

10:00pm I am sitting dead tired in front of the TV watching Chuck and waiting for Geoff.

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