Saturday, January 31, 2009

President Choice Organics

I love PC organics. (For those of you that live outside Canada, PC is a grocery store brand that has an organics line). When you are trying to buy only organic food for your household, the grocery bill can go up fast. Taking a quick walk to the No Frills located at Gerrard and Coxwell in our neighborhood to pick up some staples every week helps a lot. Below is a comparison list of the items bought at No Frills vs. buying them with Front Door Organics (this is where we get the most of the rest of our groceries).

No Frills
Bag of carrots - $2.29
Cheese (they have cheddar and mozzarella) - $3.99
Butter - $3.99
Apple Sauce - $2.33
Jam (they have raspberry and blueberry) - $2.69
Maple syrup - $11.99
Bag of apples - $3.49
Baby Carrots - $1.99
Celery - $2.99

Total - $35.75

Front Door Organics
Bag of carrots - $3.94
Cheese cheddar - $6.50
Butter - $4.75
Apple Sauce - $4.99
Jam - $3.50
Maple syrup - $12.00
Bag of apples - $6.99
Baby Carrots - $3.00
Celery - $3.94

Total - $49.61

That is a difference of $13.86. Yay for PC Organics.


Shanilie said...

I LOVE PC stuff as well! Affordable, tastes great.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC! Your blog is awesome!

Pierrette said...

@Veronica Lee - thanks

victoria said...

Thank you for sharing this! I really appreciate it :). I also buy PC organic stuff, as well, but for some other items I shop at the

They have toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning products and even Earth Friendly Ice Melt! They deliver in three days and when you purchase over $75, the delivery is free :). The prices aren't high, either.

Here's the article where I found out about them:

Take care and again, thank you,

Pierrette said...

@ victoria - thank you for the info about green cricket will definitely get stuff from them. They have many items we get regularly but go to 4 different stores to find it all.