Wednesday, January 28, 2009

poop poop and poop

I was just trying to think about what to blog about for today when Geoff said, "come help, he pooped." As I walked up the stairs I said "you did not learn your lesson yesterday?"

See, yesterday when Geoff was getting ready to give Christophe his bath, he did not think about checking the diaper to make sure there was no poop. He just took it off and, to his surprise, we had a naked poopy baby crawling around and Geoff with a poopy finger, so he called for help. I just assumed the same had happened again.

I was wrong. This time we had a baby and a papa taking their usual bath together when baby decided to poop in the tub. :-)

Thank you Christophe for giving me something to blog about.


Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Second time, too. Gee, thanks, Christophe.

Lisa Samples said...

I'm so glad that the hubby does the baths with our babies!

Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1