Monday, January 26, 2009


As much as I would love to say Christophe is sleeping in his crib, we are still co-sleeping. Christophe sleeps better with us; however we are in the process of trying to convince him to sleep in his room. Wish us luck.

Are you co-sleeping; or are you thinking of co-sleeping with a child? Safe Bed Sharing is a great website that gives parents tips on how to co-sleep safely instead of the ever so common typical advice of don't do it.


Candice said...

We have co-slept with the Feve almost since he was born.

You just gave me a great idea for my next post.

Shanilie said...

With Jacob he slept in own lil bassinet type laundry basket since day one lol. But it was kept on my side of the bed for the first month as nursing took up so much time. But by one month was sleeping through the night and he had no trouble moving into his crib at that point. He is going on four now and I wish he would cuddle in bed with us lol

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

We were able to transition Christophe to his crib a few months in relatively successfully. Then the teething began, and he started waking up a lot at night, and so he moved back in with us. Now that the teething's calmed down, he's been sick a few times and he's started sleep-crawling a little, which makes it difficult for us to move him back. We'll see how it goes.

i am the diva said...

we thought about the family bed, but in the end decided that the future fight to get our bed back wasn't worth saving the few nights of tears once we moved Chewie to the crib.

it actually was a very smooth transition for us, it was worse for me and i think i ran into his room 5 times the first night...just to make sure everything was okay.

now that he's teething.... well, i'm have sometimes put up a cot or grab a sleeping bag so i'm close by, but he still gets the continuity of sleeping in his crib.

LaurieB said...

John, Ella and I bed-shared until just before Christmas (i.e. from Ella's birth until she was 15 months old). We had been sleeping on 2 queen-sized mattresses on our floor, so instead of dealing with the trauma of trying to force her to sleep in her crib, which she clearly didn't want to do (as evidenced by her screams of protest), we simply moved one of the queen-sized mattresses into her room. I still nurse her to sleep (we can't change everything all at once!) and then leave her room and sleep in the bed in our room once she is asleep. If she awakes in the night, daddy can go in, lay down next to her and comfort her, and sleep there if absolutely necessary (it's important that dad goes in...if I go to her, she will want to nurse back to sleep and I had to put an end to the "all you can eat buffet" for the sake of my sanity). More nights now than not, my hubby and I get to sleep through the night TOGETHER and have even managed to start working on baby #2 ;-)

Micheline said...

Emma co-slept with us until Xavier was about 1 month old (she was 21 months), she stayed in our room in her toddler bed up until the day before her 2nd birthday. We started her sleeping part of the night in her toddler bed when she was about 16 months
We have just converted Xavier's crib into a day bed (which is in our room), he is now 14.5 months and we are slowly getting him to sleep in there. He spends the first half of the night in his bed until he awakes, and finishes the night with us. Slow and easy

Ashley F. said...

I cosleep with my 4-month old girl. I just read those safety tips expecting to find that I was breaking all of the rules--but we're actually obeying them all. Those rules contradict some others I've read (I've read other places that say you should push your bed against a wall or use a rail to keep baby from rolling off--neither of which I'm about to do). I think we'd be able to easily move her to her crib for the first half of the night (until she wakes up to be fed, and I'm too lazy to stay awake and feed so I always bring her to bed to lay down and nurse) but I prefer to feel her squirming as she wakes up and take care of her before the crying gets into full swing.