Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you a safety freak?

First of all, after being a mom now for a little over 10 months, I declare that there is no such thing as being a safety freak when it comes to babies and toddlers.

A few days ago, while I was baking--I think it was baked beans--Christophe and his new-found walking skills made it to the stove, reached for the oven door and pulled it open by a few inches.  (Before anyone panics, he is fine.)  The oven immediately shut itself, because his little muscles were not strong enough to hold it open.  However, I thought i was going to die from panic and imagined my son with burns, all as I rushed the three steps to him that I swear felt like three miles to whisk him away from the danger of the stove.

What was I doing while this happened, you ask?  Dishes.  Do I think I am a bad mother?  No, it happens to all of us. One of my friend's eight-month old figured out how to climb the stairs while she ran out the room for 5 seconds.  I know a mom whose non-mobile baby decided to learn how to roll on the change table at three months. The list could go on forever, I think almost all mothers have a story like this.

Now, you might ask does this change the way I baby-proof?  No - however I did immediately ordered one of those oven latches from Safety Super Store to install on the stove.

This was a scary reminder of just how quick and curious the little ones can be.

Image from Safety Super Store


Geoffrey Wiseman said...

As I've said before, babies are the best baby-proofing guide. As long as you're doing your best to watch your children, they'll educate you pretty quickly on what things they're likely to get into.

Zet-Girouard said...

Those are great latches, we have them also one our entertainment unit door, our fridge door and freezer door. Very useful!