Monday, January 5, 2009

Photo Page 6

TERA has this beautiful page full of nursing mothers called Photo Page 6; the only sad part is the write ups that accompany these images. They are all about images being removed from Facebook or even worst accounts being closed.

If you have been victim to having a breastfeeding image pulled from Facebook, contact them as I did, your voice can be heard.

Something so natural should not be censored.


Kim said...

So, have you heard anything from Facebook yet? From what I understand your image was either reported as obscene by someone or it showed a nipple and/or areola, which it clearly does not.

I know for myself something such as Facebook would never sway my decision whether or not to breastfeed as I am sure it hasn't swayed yours... It's just a sad statement on Society that something so natural is considered offensive..

Pierrette said...

No news from Facebok yet.