Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Preparation Part 1

So as Christophe's first birthday is approaching, I am trying to find ways to green his birthday. It will not be 100% green but I want to green as many items as I find feasible. During my journey in discovering the basics of green birthday parties I will share my ideas with you.

So we have booked a venue for his birthday, main reason he is born in March 1, we live in canada (i.e. it's cold), we have a very small house. The venue chosen is not green but I am still attempting to change a few things in order to make our party greener. When I first started looking for venues here in Toronto, I could not find anything that suited all my green criteria's and would be good for a one year old.

The first request I made to our venue is that she does not put up any balloons the day of. I also asked her what kind of tableware they use (as we are providing the food but they are providing the tableware) I am still awaiting an answer. The reason behind no balloons is that the little fragments that are left behind after your great party never biodegrade and are the culprits for many small animals dying. You know how they say you should not let a toddle or baby play with balloons due to choking hazards, well what do you think will happen when a little bunny finds a bright red balloon in the wild?

After booking the venue the next step was invitations; that one is easy in todays day end age just send them via email. There are a lot of great sites that will do e-cards for free we used myPunchbowl.

Other then the party at the venue we are also doing a get together at home for our close friends since some of them have no kids or there kids are all grown up. I wanted some decorations but I also wanted the decorations to be reusable for future parties the first thing I found was a cloth banner on Etsy created by thepolkadottotspot.

Instead of birthday hats we are doing a birthday shirt that Christophe can wear all year. We found this great one by blossiegirl on Etsy once again.

The last item in todays post is presents. This is a though one because many people enjoy bringing gifts; we decided to add the following wording to our invitations and hope for the best.
"Presents are appreciated but not required; your presences is enough. If you do chose to bring a gift we ask that you to respect our parenting decision regarding a no plastic components rule for all of Christophe's toys; Christophe also has very sensitive skin and can only where clothing made with natural fibers. Thank you for respecting our beliefs."

Image of banner by thepolkadottotspot.
Image of shirt by blossiegirl.

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LaurieB said...

Hi Pierrette! Does Christophe have a bday gift "wish list"? Ella would like to get him a little something, but doesn't want to get him something he already has. Both Treasure Island and Grassroots on the Danforth have non-plastic and natural fibre toys, but since the selection is rather limited, I don't want to buy something he already has. Suggestions?