Monday, January 19, 2009

i need to vent

OK, so this post is going to be 100% me complaining.  I don't complain much.  Really, I am a very likable person, but I have had it with all this snow and people who just don't shovel. 

I went for a walk today and my stroller got jammed twice in the snow.  And why was this?  Both times, it was because people had not shoveled the sidewalk in front of their house.   I am not sure if you have to shovel your sidewalk in Toronto, but if it's not a law, it should be.  And anyways, people should just do it. 

It really does not take that long to shovel your section of the sidewalk in the neighbourhood I live.  Now, come on, in this area you are lucky if you have a property that is wider then 15 feet.  I think shoveling our sidewalk takes less time then shoveling our walkway and stairs. 

Oh yeah, there are all the people that have corner lots.  Well you should have thought about that before buying your luxurious corner lot.  Not having a clean sidewalk can be dangerous, not only to mothers with strollers, but pregnant women (yes i fell in the winter when i was pregnant), the elderly, and, well, just anyone actually, if it's slippery under all that snow.

That is that.  Sorry for the vent session and all the improper grammar but I needed to let some steam out and PLEASE SHOVEL YOUR SIDEWALK.


Kim said...

I think that this is a very common complaint for any parent out there with children! You are definitely not alone.

Alas, that is why after experiencing one horrid winter of trying to navigate Toronto sidewalks with a 4-wheel stroller we bought the Bob - have never had a problem since. Maybe it's time for a new stroller? ;)

(Side note: I believe it is a by-law that within 12 hours of a snow fall a person's sidewalk needs to be shovelled. If it's always the same culprit, call them in!)

OptimumMom said...

The sidewalks here seem to be shovelled most of the time, but it's the corners that I've notice that have created a problem for getting around with a stroller. I have no idea why (maybe because of the big snow plows that just push all the snow to the edge of the sidewalks?) there are such heaping mounds of snow at the corners where people have to cross.

I get a little annoyed too when people don't shovel in front of their home especially since I was breaking my back shovelling when I was pregnant and chasing after a one year old. Then again I also think that maybe it's someone who can't shovel because they're sick, old or have a health condition. In thinking that it disfuses my annoyance a bit until the snow melts.