Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy mile stones

So during the past 11 weeks not only has Christophe passed tones of mile stones so have I.

  • Not caring what other people think of my parenting style
  • 1st day at home solo with baby
  • fitting in my pre-pregnancy clothing
  • 1st weekend away from dad solo with baby (well we went to visit grandmama so I had help if needed)
  • Breast-feeding in public without a nursing cover (and not caring what other people may think)
  • Left Christophe alone with grandmama while i went for quick shopping trip down the block (I have to say I never felt so guilty)
  • First mommy and baby class (We now do yoga once a week)
  • Leaving the house with baby in arms in less then 15 minutes (the trick to this is to always make sure your diaper bag is ready)
  • Letting Christophe sleep a full night in his room alone (this was a mile stone for Christophe also)
  • As much as I want to jump in; not intervening when Geoff is taking care of Christophe and he starts crying. He is just as great a dad as I am a mom and can handle it :-)

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Zet-Girouard said...

Good for you Pierrette! Keep up the good work :-)