Thursday, May 29, 2008

The hidden chemical in cans

Both Geoff and I have always been more pro-active then your typical household on chemicals and so on but it is great to see a major paper write about one of the concerns we have had for a while now.

Many people who have been getting rid of their plastic cups and baby bottles do not realize that BPA hides in many other products including canned goods.

Check out this great article from the Globe and Mail for more information.

Now only if we could find a source of tomatoes in a glass jar. Canned tomatoes is really the only product that we would miss.


Kim said...

Thought I'd share another link with a list of safe products for baby/toddler that you may find useful:

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know about Molisana strained tomatoes in a glass jar. They are from Italy, and while they may not be organic, they are delicious!! And you can find them at most supermarkets here in Toronto. Just found your blog through a recent Mommymilk Meetup email. I am also a mom in Toronto!!

Pierrette said...

Thanks julie, will definitely look for them.