Friday, May 9, 2008

Nursery Sleeping

Christophe's been co-sleeping with us since birth, in a co-sleeper. We've been talking about transitioning him to the crib, but Pierrette wanted to do it on a night where the next day, I'd be home (e.g. a Friday or Saturday) so that if the sleeping went badly, I could help out the next day.

So today was the first experiment. Pierrette fed Christophe in the early evening then gave him to me. I settled him, then put him down, while Pierrette went to the bedroom to sleep. Half an hour later, Christophe was firmly asleep and Pierrette came back to the nursery with a pillow and blanket. She's in there sleeping on the floor right now.

Ah, mummies. :)


Zet-Girouard said...

LOL I can totally relate! The only difference is that Emma moved into her own room for night time sleeping just one week shy of her 2nd birthday. Xavier has a crib in our room, but he ends up sleeping in our bed every night! I'm not very good with the seperation thing!

Danielle said...

I have slept on the floor next to the crib! Eliza is in her bed nost of the time now- but still in with us sometimes too. GL with the transition.

Pierrette said...

Thanks Danielle, I think it is going to be harder on me then him, since he slept peacefully in his crib until 3am while I had nightmares about him. We are going to try again next weekend.