Thursday, May 1, 2008

1st doctor visit

Today we are going to see Dr. Sood for his first real visit. We have been there once before but that was just for a referral to be able to get a CF test done. Hopefully we will have the results today.

Since our little man is 2 months now I am sure the doc will want to give him his first vaccinations. However both Geoff and I believe in a delayed vaccination schedule with a few modifications. This means I am most likely going to have an interesting conversation with the doc today.

We are still ironing out exactly how we are approaching vaccination and once we have it all figured out we will share our decisions and why with you; but for now due to recent links between early vaccination and allergies we believe 2 months is too early.

Article was originaly published on medscape but you need tp be a member to read it there.

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