Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip to the ER

Every Wednesday morning we go to our Yoga class. It keeps me limber and Christophe get a kick out of seeing other babies. This week as we were just about to head out of the house I tripped on %^$ knows what with babes in arms. Somehow I managed to twist my body in a way to brake his fall however he still hit his head on the laundry basket. As soon as he hit his head he started screaming. My heart sunk I don't think I have ever been so worried and made after myself all at once. Since we were all packed to go I grabbed all his stuff and when to the ER at Toronto East General. Where he got check out and the doc said all was fine. We were asked to keep a close eye on him for a bit and look for sings of head injuries like, vomiting, excess sleepiness, excess crying ...

All in all I injured myself more then him; bad bruise on the knee and it hurst when I go from sitting on the floor to standing and one of my wrist feels like it was bent in a way that is impossible. Not to mentioned I was an emotional wreck; if Christophe would be old enough to ask for a car I might of bough it cause I felt so bad about what happened.

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