Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dining in Toronto with Baby

Geoff and I have always enjoyed eating out at restaurants; however since Christophe has been born we have not attempted too many outings until recently. Anyone who knows me well; will tell you I am not to fond of most "family restaurants". Being a vegetarian there is usually only a veggie burger or veggie wrap to chose from.

That been said I have decided to blog about the various places we test out with Baby and rate different aspects.

Restaurant: Casa Di Giorgio
Address: 1646 Queen St. E.
Meal: Friday Supper

Stroller Friendly: Patio yes; Inside no - The inside of the restaurant is very tiny which makes it hard to find a spot to park your wheels; we chose to eat on the patio. They were great at helping us chose the perfect spot for our stroller.

Change Table:
No - We made sure to be seated on the wooden benches outside; these are long enough to use as a change table in a discreet way. Make sure to bring a plastic bag to hide the dirty diaper in.

The benches on the patio are very comfy for breast feeding; I am not sure I would have been able to breast-feed on the patio chairs due to the chair arms. The staff and patrons did not make any comments or treat us differently while I was feeding. While I was nursing him the waitress came up and took our order just like any other table.

Server: Our waitress was extra great with Christophe stopping to talk to him each time she was at our table.

Food: As always the food here is great; they have probably been one of my favorite Italian spot in the city for a while now.

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Geoffrey Wiseman said...

I had Cozze Marinara (mussels) and the pasta special of the night, which was a baby-clam, baby arugula linguine with pesto.

Both were pleasant, neither was strongly memorable. I had a Cosmopolitan before dinner which was in the same category.