Monday, May 19, 2008

Toy spotting

The Green Daily wrote about Ten Thousand Villages a site that sells fair trade items as I was browsing their items I came across the cutest wooden squirrel pull toy. Great price also - $8.50 CDN.

They also have this great wooden toy clock for $20.00 CDN.


Zet-Girouard said...
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Zet-Girouard said...

I love Ten Thousand Villages! Emma and Xavier have a bunch of stuff from there. We got a growth chart from there that ia awesome. It's wooden and has nice rich colours and different animals on it. Since it's wood, it won't come apart and you can take it with if you move.

The best part is that they promote fair trade and most people who work in the stores are usually volunteers.

Timmy said...

Good Job! :)