Monday, May 19, 2008

Christophe's mile stones

  • held by somebody that was not mama or papa
  • 1st car ride
  • 1st open air pee
  • 1st trip in a snow storm
  • 1st bath (he loves his bath time now)
  • 1st non meconium poo ( if you had our baby this would have been a mile stone for you too)
  • going for a stroll in our stroller
  • regained all of the weight he lost after birth
  • 1st open air poo (and so far the only one)
  • figured out breast-feeding (latches on like a pro)
  • tracked a toy with his eyes
  • put hand in mouth
  • held cats tails (this was a total accident)
  • smiles back when you smile at him
  • pushes down on legs when stood up (or when in tub against the sides)
  • sticks his tong out when you stick your out
  • put hand in mouth and held it there
  • outgrew his first outfit
  • 1st trip in the rain
  • 1st doctors visit
  • smiles
  • 1st yoga class
  • 1st trip to the library
  • played with the kitty (Cain)
  • got kisses in the face from the kitty (Cain)
  • 1st visit at sick kids (and hopefully the last)
  • outgrew more then 10 outfits
  • got his nails cut for the first time
  • 1st coos and gurgles
  • takes only 15-20 minutes to feed (he used to take over an hour each time)
  • touched another baby's hand
  • took a nape not in someone's arms or the sling
  • held a toy
  • when on the ttc (bus, streetcar and subway)
  • discovered himself in the mirror
  • ripped his pacifier out of his mouth with his hand (then got upset cause he could not put it back)
  • took a nape in his crib
  • Spent time at home with dad while mommy went to the store
  • Went for a walk with grandmama without mommy or dady
  • babbles back when talk to
  • can hold up his head for more then 5 mins
  • played in his bumbo seat
  • slept a full night in his crib
  • grabbed and held on to a toy by himself
  • slept a full night in his crib with his mom in another room

I am sure somewheres in there I missed something...


Zet-Girouard said...

and they'll just get better and better!

Danielle said...

great list. It is so exciting isn't it!