Monday, May 26, 2008

Mall shopping

Today we went to Scarborough Town Center and checked out the various kids stores they have. I tend to buy most of Christophe's stuff at Value Village or small independent baby boutiques so this was a new experience for us. My main purpose was to get him a pair of jeans--yes, even babies need jeans. We picked out a great pair of gaga tagou jeans at the Bay; we got them a bit on the big side so we hope they will last a few months.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that baby gap, baby roots and baby old navy all have organic lines of clothing. Both roots and old navy were reasonably priced considering its organic, however gap was similar in cost to the organic items you can find at little baby boutiques.

By all means, the mall will not replace my typical shopping spots for him but I will definitely poke my head in, once in a while, to see what new organic fashions are available.

Oh! For all you nursing mothers out there, if you are out shopping and are looking for a quiet place to nurse, every Sears has a nursing room near the infant section.

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