Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April is Almost Gone

I can not bealive it's already April 21st.  April is a big month around here, you have garden prep, spring cleaning, my dad's birthday, my mom's birthday, my best-friend Lisa's birthday, my father-in law's birthday, this April also marked the one-year anniversary since my grandmother passed away.

Remembering Grand-memere

I am so glade that Christophe had a chance to meet his grand-memere it's not everyone that get to do this.  I think grand-memere was even more excited then me when she got to meet Christophe for the first time in 2008.  I always feared that she would never get to meet any of my kids; I am not sure as to why but it was important to me for her to be able to see me as a mother.  I think it might be because I learned so much from her as I was growing up - she is the one that showed me how to sow and hem; to garden; to cook; to make simple games for play; to clean house; to love unconditionally.  All traits that help shape and define me as a mother (ok maybe no sowing - I would love to have more time to do this) on top of all the traits that my own mother passed on.

She also though me to reach for the sky and that no matter what you can accomplish anything. She is a published author. She tough me to speak my mind to be honest and do what feels right to me for my son and not what others are necessarily doing.

She touched everyone that come in her life; and excepted everyone as they were.

As much as I try not to mourn on death - as I am certain grand-memere would not want me to, but I can't help but think of her this month a little more then I normally.  Honestly I think of her almost everyday; she is with me all the time in every little thing I create with my hands.

Christophe knows who she is by image only and I think he even understands that he can not see her anymore.  I sometimes ask him "ou est grand-memere?" (where is grand-memere?) and he points to her portrait in our living room and says "bye bye" or other times just points.

Thank you Yvon for painting this...

Looking Forward To

Seeing my family in a few weeks...

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Neigenuage said...

April is quite a month, you're right. I can't believe it's been a year already since your grandmother left. I think that those we love and those who love us will always somehow be with us. You see her in your thoughts, in actions that you do, in things that you would say... you see furniture or parts of a house that will remind you of her. In this way, this April is almost gone, but Grandmemere is still with you... and April will come again next year :)